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The NZAAE was formed in late 2004 to provide a united voice for Accredited Employers. The NZAAE has worked constructively with;

• ACC as a member of the National Advisory Forum,
• The Department of Labour,
• The Council for Trade Unions,
• Our member and associate member organisations.

Members of the Executive Committee have met with successive Ministers for ACC. The NZAAE has also participated in the operational review of the Accredited Employer Programme and consulted directly with the Minister for ACC and the Department of Labour on the introduction of choice into the ACC scheme.

Employers have over a decade of experience in the current version of the Accredited Employer Programme. The NZAAE believes that Accredited Employers have a valuable contribution to make to injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Why become a member?

The New Zealand Association of Accredited Employers (NZAAE) represents the interests of and supports employers who are in the ACC Accredited Employer Programme. The NZAAE is committed to injury prevention and providing qualityrehabilitation for employees where injuries do occur.

The Executive Committee works directly with ACC, the Department of Labour and other relevant agency or group to identify and promote improvements in the contractual and legislative arrangements for the Accredited Employer Programme. The NZAAE provides a united voice for Accredited Employers to represent their views.

The NZAAE has two part time staff to support the committee and co-ordinate resources and information to support members. Our aim is to ensure our members are well informed about current issues of interest and what is happening in the operational and policy areas of the ACC scheme.

The NZAAE encourages members to provide input into submissions but will inform members who do not wish to become involved of any “NZAAE position”. For an annual subscription of $500 a member will be part of a respected group at the meeting tables where decisions about the Accredited Employer Programme are made. Members will also receive;
  • Regular email updates about current issues and a quarterly newsletter.
  • Representation on the National Advisory Forum for the Accredited EmployerProgramme.
  • The opportunity to have input into submissions on statutory or regulatorychange.
  • An opportunity to network with other Accredited Employers.
  • Access to resources and information relevant to Accredited Employers. 
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By admin 06 Jun, 2016
Introducing the NZAAE
The NZAAE is an incorporated society comprised of employers who manage their ACC claims through the Partnership Discount Programme (PDP) or the Full Self Cover option under the Accredited Employer Programme (AEP). The NZAAE includes members who are not Accredited Employers but have an interest in the programme such as Third Party Administrators, Actuaries, and insurers. Our members collectively employ over 130,000 full time equivalent employees.

The NZAAE provides a united voice for our members so that our interests can be represented to ACC and the Minister. We also maintain a close relationship with similar groups in Australia because there is much that can be learned from the Australian experience of self insurance.


After full review of the 2014/2015 Pricing Report and Levy Consultation Documents, as well as previous years Consultation Documents (excluding 2011/2012) NZAAE would like to make the following observations.
Table 1 below indicates the effect of the residual levy and funding adjustments of the past six years and uses information provided by ACC and best estimations on future years projections. (Data from 2011/2012 was not examined but has been included for completeness).
Graph 1 indicates the comparative difference between funding adjustment and residual levy collection as it is expressed in the combined work account levy. The New Claims Levy collects the fully funded levy for claims incurred in the year it is collected. It is important to note that it is only the New Claims Levy that is discountable for levy incentive purposes for the Accredited Employer Programme.

Table 1: Levy Consultation Data from 2008 to 2022 (2011/12 data not available)

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